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Monday, October 4, 2010

The International Dude Week (Day 1)- Intro

    Saturday 8pm. Place -Your Living room.
    You with your dad are all set to watch the much wanted EPL match on ESPN but still your sister & mother have kidnapped the remote & stuck to the weekend special 1hr episode of some in-law fighting daily soap where the lead actress is getting married for the 34th time. Still frustrated you move on to your FB page & look what you found. 29 Farmville cow requests from chicks & 9 "How beautiful are you quiz" updates & 13 "how true is your love today" updates.tumblr_ktz34pofv71qauqwvo1_500
    God created man & Satan produced woman. After millions of years of their domination & cruelty over mankind the chicks have totally conquered the universe. They turned man into she-man & Dudes to Nudes(not dude). They have taken of our clothing & started wearing jeans & trousers & they have made man wear all those pinky t-shirts. They have made dudes to use beauty parlours & instead they are hitting the gym. Remember how many times your girlfriend has made you watch Vivaah, Arya, Twilight. Remember how many times she has faked the act of trying to pay at a restaurant she always tried but never did.
    In fact woman are so bad that there is hardly any difference between good & bad exists. Woman must be used to create great literature & make awesome beer ads & of course those other things like driving Formula 1 Cars,changing bulbs(if they ever can). Now they have got 33% reservations in everywhere in your pocket too. If it was not for the woman's quota our own talented Harry should have got a place at IIT. Come on, why shall we be slaves to those who don't know how to format their computers or how to book a ticket online.After 6 successful break-ups(hi5) & 2 on way I Ladkibaaz Larry has decided that the buck must stop here. The Dudes must rise & take on this jihad,this crusade,this Mahabharata against the evil & their demons known as "The Nudes" (Non-Dudes) and The Chicks.
    So from the blessing of the greatest Dude ever lived & still living St. Barnabas Stinson or The Legend…wait for it…Dary Barney Stinson we at CVRCE DIARY are going to celebrate the dude week on 1st Monday of every October starting from today till the coming Sunday which will is "the official international Dude Day". During this awesome week we are going to have posts spreading awareness on…
    1. How to be a Dude in a world of Nudes?
    2. How to trap chicks in your Jaal?
    3. The anti Devdas Therapy.
    4. Dudes of CVRCE
    5. International Dude awards
    6. Release of the DUDE VEDA
    (One Post Per Day)
    So suit up Dudes…. because chicks can also wear jeans.

    Ladkibaaz Larry Stinson

    Senior Khabri 

    (Author of the Bestseller “The Dude Veda”)