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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Dude Veda: Releasing Tonight on The International Dude Day

Finally we are just One Day away from the "LEGEN…wait for it…DARY" D-Day or Dude Day. If the Chicks can have a 'Women’s Day’ then why cant we have a Dude’s day ! The 10/10/10. Yesterday has been special, all thanks to "Akash Dash".  This “Real Guy” (That’s what he calls himself) had tried to light a fire within Core & Non-Core branch students this morning. The Diary is deeply pissed & wants people like this to be evicted for trying to make unprecedented & baseless remarks. I know these things are not funny but you may get a few laughs when you read the comments made by so called “Akash Dash”. So let’s screw these people & let’s continue with our Dude-tainment. Like all Potential Bestsellers we too released "Dude Veda" first in the Critics’ Circuit before bringing it down here. So here are a few exclusive reviews of the sacred "Dude Veda".


·         “The Literature-Nobel and Man Booker Prize are passé. We should give a Larry Prize for literary recognition.” - Alfred Nobel

·         “Finally, A book worth reading.” - God 

·         "Out of this world."- Alien (A Dude from another Planet). 

·         "Makes me feel alive again."- Michael Jackson

·         "The only thing i can’t rip off."- Some Indian author.

·         “I'm so proud of you Larry.” - Barney Stinson

·         “I won't write anymore. Now I have realised that all I write is crap as compared to Mr. Larry.” - Chetan Bhagat 

·         Woof! Bhow-wow. Growl. Woof Woof ! - Scooby Doo 

·         "All my life i have written trash, this is the real deal."- J.K. Rowling 

·         “I hope Larry had written my story instead of Rowling Aunty” – Harry Potter

·         “The text of Dudish Redemption" - Pope Benedict the XVI

·         “Al-Habibi, Al-Khalija ilahi bin Khartoum al Dude” – Osama bin Laden

·         “Gangtok Rocks ! CVRCE Diary Sucks.” - Akash Dash 

·         “My true successor. Larry is a real Dude"- Vijay Mallya 

·         “Uff...Not Fair. L” - Sneha Agarwal 

·         “This is Sick.” – Secret Agent Sally (An Evil Chick)

·         “The Dude Veda changed my life. It turned me from DevDas to DudeDas. ”<Shows the Middle Finger to Paro> - A Transformed DudeDas.

·         "Humey Larry de do, Hum Kashmir bhool jayenge." - Mussaraff 

·         “The most touching book I have ever read. Larry manages to explore the deepest psyche of the Dude Emotions and pull the toughest of heart-strings. I cried when the book was over”. - Mike Tyson

·         “You know. This book...you know....is soooo...you know...disgusting.” - Karan Johar (A Chick in the body of a Dude)

·         “I wish The Dude Veda was released earlier. Else I wouldn’t have spent all my four years of engineering life with Boylested. ” – Gurbinder (ETC Smartass)


So, Log on to CVRCE Diary Tonight at 9 PM for the Release of THE DUDE VEDA !