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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dude-Icon Nominations International Dude Week Day 3)

On Day 3 of the International Dude Week we will celebrate the contribution of the Unsung Dude-Heroes of CVRCE. After hours of infighting and arguments within the CVCRE Diary Khabri Team we will shortlist 8 Dudes. One from each branch of CVRCE to battle it out in a public poll to become the DUDE ICON of CVRCE. The name of the Winner of the poll will be published in “The Dude Veda” which will be released This Sunday. So the branch wise nominations are as follows alphabetically.







    AEI is the branch which has the most favourable sex-ratio in CVRCE. So naturally one will expect that the high Chick population in AEI would put adverse effect on the Dudism in the branch. But Surprisingly AEI has quite a few Dudes.
    WORLD-WIN KHUNTIA- One of the most ultra talented Dudes to have taken birth. He can sell or buy anything to anyone from anyone. The only Dude is CVRCE history to beat the crap out of a guy named Ballu in front of the teacher & whole class. The guy may not attend a single class or internal but provides his full support in all branch fresher's & strikes. This Dude has been leading the crusade from his childhood he is been cutting & burning evil chick's hair sitting behind them. He has successfully flirted with a male teacher of CVRCE using a girl's fake ID.
    Other Nominees who narrowly missed out.
    Easy Shanghari- Known for his fearless and outright usage of Dudish Language (Read Slangs). Normally Dudes only dance at bars but this Dude also works as a DJ.
    TechM Sahoo - Known for his fearless Booze fests in Picnics even in the presence of large number of Vicious and Ruthless AEI Chicks.
    Swayam Siddhant- For having contacts with the wives of quite a large number of Indian Rock stars. He exchanges messages and Calls with them under the pretext of bringing them shows.


    As we have mentioned lots of times earlier, Chemical Engineering is the Unknown Branch of CVRCE. Even we came to know of their existence in 3rd year only. As we do not have a Chemical Khabri, we had a bit difficulty in finding Nominations.So here is our uncontested Nomination.
    AURO a.k.a. KALU - Almost all of you never have heard his name. But you must have seen the Black Guy, Riding a Black Pulsar, Wearing Black Clothes, having Black Pen, Black Everything but a superbly stunning White girlfriend. Now that's what we call as a real Dude. He also has suffered half a dozen road accidents as a result of which he had almost one kilo of Titanium Implants in his Body that makes him even more awesome than Wolverine!


    CSE despite being one of the most populated branches in CVRCE has a surprisingly low number of Real Dudes. This can be blamed on the uber-dominating nature of Vicious and Ruthless Chicks like CS1 Sherni, CS2 Sherni,etc who call all shots for CSE. But a few Dudes can also be found in CSE.
    SHOE-CASE DASH - He is the world famous Bulldozer, known for breaking countless houses (Relationships). He is a very cunning Dude. He has countless Chicks in his hands and yet never had a serious Committed Relationship till now. Real Dude. He also gives a hand to backpaper guys during the back paper exams. If this much is not enough for nominating him form CS Branch for the Dude Awards, go and have a look at his email Id. it reads sukesh_dude@yahoo.co.in
    Others who narrowly missed the nomination…
    Show-Mess Large-Leaf - For single handedly fighting off 5 Bihari Bhailogs who were chasing Shoe-case to beat the Crap outta him. Sadly, Shoe-case Dash betrayed Show-Mace and did not help him mend off the attackers. As a result of which Shoe-Mace had to take quite some painkillers.
    TaPuss Mishra- For beating the crap outta World-Win Khuntia in 1st year coz he took an extra egg from the hostel mess. Still he is the uncrowned king of Orkut updates along with his primate mate Gorilla Ghosh.


      These guys have the best Dude to Guy Ratio. Even if they have just 60 students, they still have a sizeable amount of Real Dudes. Though the Infighting In Electrical is very messy, still they Dudism inside this branch is quite commendable.
      DHOTI-SHAKER PADHY- This Dude is one of most well known creature of CVRCE sanctuary everyone starting from the security guards to the gardeners(every gardener is a B.Tech pass out in CVRCE) to the Autowala's know Mr Padhy by his surname. This Dude is famous for its joints at the backside of CVRCE. This guy is a complete storyteller. And all are TRUE Stories. For his sheer depth in Odiya literature & his accent this Dude is appointed as the chief Odia accent consultant to Naveen Patnaik.
      Other notable mentions.
      Nanda Prusty- I know you people are probably shocked to find his name here.But he is the only guy in CVRCE history to have involved in slap-bets. He has given his legendary best shot to some of his branch mate & has received the best shot of Bhuttiya Kutta. This Dude may ride an Activa but still has the guts to read "B" grade novels in Mathematical Ghazni's class in 1st year itself.
      Ray-RB- This Dude met Placement Dutta at a bar and still able to deny it in college the next day.
      Knee-30 -This Dude is famous for his one call PCR powers.


And honestly this branch sucks in Dude density.120 plus students 1 Dude{who was actually discovered very lately}.During 3rd year we noted some smoke and sparks rising above ETC building that was coz of the rage of RED-TENDU SUPER-LEAF This guy came from nowhere and suddenly stood before Law-Go ,F**ked with his principles,his so called fame,openly charged him of corruption,bribery and even eye witness say that Mr. Law-Go was so much pissed off by his Dudism that he decided to leave the college.Well that's very very Dudish act.His involved in back paper cheat supplies along with shoe case dash and sources say that he has a record in head banging incidents.He was the captain of the CVRCE last year cricket team.And he is the only Dude of ETC branch. So he's a LED{Lateral Entry Dude}


The IT Sena are CVRCE Diary's biggest nemesis. If CVRCE Diary is Australia, then IT Sena is VVS Laxman. But Even though IT look like a strong Dude group as a whole, surprisingly when It comes to Individual Dudism, we found it real hard to nominate a Super Dude from IT.
KUKURMAR MALLIK- Though he is an underdog in comparison to the rest of the nominees from other branches, he still has a lot of Dudism in him like Breaking Back-Brush's Pulsar in the Big Strike, helping out almost 25 % of the 8th sem students with pirated projects irrespective of Branch.This Dude attended a whole semester wearing sunglasses inside the glass giving fake eye-operations excuses.


Well what to say about these guys,these guys are bunch of dudes.Whatever they do they do in group.Otherwise known as Safed Wardi Waale Gunde these guys are seen doing Dudish activities in mass like strikes,bashing juniors and teachers,smoking,drinking etc.Even they did social works,that too in a very Dudish way.They saved lot of students study time by doing pending ED assignments for them before the night of semesters in exchange of few bucks.Even after toping the Back Chartbusters they never blamed on other students for whom their time was wasted.They are seen taking group photo sessions on the CVRCE sky scrapers deadly edges{which makes them pole apart from IT guys who did photo session in lawns and parks}And thats very Dudish.So no one particular,all the Mariners are dudes{well our research sorted one odd man out i.e Indian Cart who was the only Mariner who was dumped by numerous chicks and still is heartbroken}.


As expected Mechanical branch had the largest number of Dudes competing for the Nomination from Mechanical Branch. We had a very tough time choosing one of them for the official entry from Mechanical.But the Final Nomination is...
Moon Shaker Deo - Probably none of you have ever heard of him. But this guy is the silent superhero in the Backpaper community. This Dude is comes out of the shadows, Kicks ass with his uber-innovative copying techniques,leaks papers from outside colleges (Confidential) and helps hundreds of backpaper students irrespective of their branch and year. We are going to elaborate about the fool proof Backpaper Clearing Mechanism of CVRCE in a later post someday. But as of now know that this Dude is responsible for Dozens of students getting their Engineering Degrees. But just after the exams he again mysteriously disappears to return after 6 months. Where he goes. What he does. No one knows.
Other Nominations
Eiffel Tower- Because he gave THAT LEGENDARY PUNCH to Mr Law-Go from ETC during the big strike in 3rd year. The legendary feat which has been written in the annals of CVRCE for ages to come.
Dancer Khan- For his amazing quality of taking Xerox Copies of entire books, reading it inside the exam hall during the exams, understanding concept, deriving formulae and then answering the papers.
Freedom Acharya- For his amazing contribution to Odia Slangs vocabulary.