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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Unusual Suspects !

Thanks CVRCE for the warm responses we are getting! And thanks to all the Mr. Anonymousness for the hate mails! (But please direct it to us next time. We don’t like the fact that you are giving credit to other jackassess for our hard work! ) Hate mails are our major inspiration! Keep ‘em coming. The number of hits the blog has got in the last 12 hours (1172 to be precise) is more than the number of people who watched 'KURBAAN'. But still there is an issue which is both shocking and painful for us. There has been a huge speculation about some of the probable names of those who are writing this blog. Some names make us laugh wildly and some shocks because we never wanted to be compared with these guys. So now let us put this post as a testimony of why these guys aren’t the bloggers. Let’s discuss about the most popular choices that have been seen as the alleged brains behind this racket.

  • Band-Party Patnaik - Poor kid is always desperate to excel Foreign Kumar Hembram in Mafia Wars. He is way too busy in Facebook to write a Blog. Often busy trying to copy Atif Aslam. And even if he is free, he can be spotted with Foreign Kumar Hembram in parks or. Something fishy. Right?
  • Dhoti Shaker Padhy - Please spare this guy. He is already being haunted by the Orissa Police for quite some time now. He is too busy hiding from PCR vehicles to be writing blogs. And he now lacks the courage to write against Knee30. Directing few B-grade plays does not make someone intellectual. So it can’t be Dhoti Shaker Padhy. After all the blog is funnier than the so-called Dhoti-Padhy jokes.
  • Paradip Kotipathy -How can one get so much information without coming to college !!! And when we mentioned the attributes of ‘Hatasia Harry’ (Backs,Loser,Frustrated,etc) we didn’t point at Paradip Kotipathy. He isn’t the only guy in college with backs and loserness! There are a bunch of them like World-Win Khuntia, Foreign Kumar Hembram,etc. Also the boy has a broken arm and we don’t have PH quota for entry into the blog.
  • Qurbani Shankar Lenka – When we mentioned that one of our Khabris was ‘dumped by girl’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is Qurbani Lenka. There are loads of Devdases like Frustu-a-Sis Panigrahi and Prusty’s Punchbag from Electrical. And how on earth can you think that this guy can write English?! He even had internal back in Communicative English!
  • Bhootiya Kutta - Do you know how many backlogs this boy has? If he still writes the blog with these backs then definitely he is going to pass B.Tech along with Pati n World-Win Khuntia. He is way too busy uploading photos in Orkut about same loser Wannbe-Roadies style cycle trip to Chilika to be writing blogs. In his free time he can be either caught watching morning show 2012 with Tomboy Sathpathy or trying to impress Angie by asking non-existent doubts.
  • Sourav Pakistaniya - This is the height of absurdity. We require full mards or full naaris for writing this blog. Anyone who comes in between the two extremes is a strict No-No for the blog! And he does lack the balls to write anything against any Mechie-kudis. This is an insult to all the senior khabris by speculating that Sourav Pakistaniya can be one of them.
  • Sumit SoundSoundWala- Have u ever heard this name? How many people does he know in college? So how can you speculate that he can be one of us? And from when electrical people become so intelligent? This is ridiculous.

Anyway, we will like to conclude that your wild guesses are down the drain. The real Bloggers are still down the streets roaming scot free. Anyway thank you readers again for making this ‘NOBLE INITIATIVE’ [:P] a success. Keep the hate mail coming at cvrcediary@gmail.com.

Signing off…

Tom,Dick,Harry(Senior Khabris)


Kalakaar Kerry(Associate Khabri)

(Who had a party last night after getting so many hate mails!)