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Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are Recruiting !

Yes ! CVRCE Diary is recruiting new members (Khabris and Guptchars)...!

Every noble deed needs the help of the GenPop. So does every evil deed. Starting frm social workers to terrorists everyone needs help from the Mango People (Aam Junta) to complete their so called ‘Objectives’ ! Okay so now whether you classify us as ‘Social Workers’ or ‘Terrorists’ this is an open invitation to anybody who wants to be a part of ‘CVRCE Diary’ as a Khabri or a Guptchar. Ok let us elaborate the roles of Khabris and Guptchars before continuing..

Khabri -

The role of a Khabri is to write down articles, news reports, essays, poems or anything of that sort which goes with the theme and the spirit of CVRCE Diary. A Khabri should have a flair for writing and should be proficient in at least one language among English,Hindi,Oriya.The various posts of Khabris are as follows…

  • Senior Khabri – They will be given administrator privileges in the blog. Currently there are three permanent Senior Khabris (Touter Tom, Dahara Dick and Hatasia Harry).
  • Associate Khabri – They will be granted moderator privileges. They can post articles directly in the blog.
  • Junior Khabris – They wont be given moderator privileges , but they can post articles in the blog.
  • Freelance Khabris – Anyone who wants to post articles in CVRCE Diary but doesn’t want to be a team member can mail us their articles directly to cvrcediary@gmail.com.

Guptchar -

The role of a Guptchar is to work as as an undercover agent or a freelance reporter and report the daily happenings at CVRCE to cvrcediary@gmail.com or at the Orkut Profile of CVRCE Diary. The following posts are available for Guptchars..

  • Guptchar-in-Chief – The Head Guptchar. This core member will spearhead all Guptchar activities in and around CVRCE and will have special privileges during college fests, annual functions, etc. Currently the Guptchar-in-Chief is Ladkibaaz Larry.
  • Senior Guptchar – Every branch would have at least one Senior Guptchar who can report in the inside stories of his/her branch.
  • Junior Guptchar – Anyone can be a Junior Guptchar regardless of their branch and year.
  • Freelance Guptchar – Anyone who wants to report certain activities but doesn’t want to a part of the CVRCE Diary Team can mail us their views and reports directly at cvrcediary@gmail.com.

Anybody who wishes to be a part of the team can mail us at cvrcediary@gmail.com or you can even leave your comments at the comment section of the blog post. Every selected Khabri and Guptchar will be alloted an unique secrety codename/identity and in due couse they might be given moderator/administartor privileges.

Signing off…

Touter Tom

Dahara Dick

Hatasia Harry

(Senior Khabris)