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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Bunk-Masters of CVRCE !

Anyone read ‘Secret Seven’? ‘Famous Five’? ‘Fantastic Four’? No…? No one? Damn, I knew it! none of you ‘Geeks’ ever read anything other than academics. And non of you ‘Non-Geeks’ read anything at all! Well I’m dedicating this post to the people whom I’ll fondly (read ‘Devilishly’!) call as the ‘Bunk-masters’. Yeah that’s a pretty lame nomenclature. But did I wish their names to be cool or something! Ok..As I promised in one of my earlier posts that I wont be revealing the real names of my victims to protect their identities (duh!). But I will be using a series of more than obvious Code Names which even a kid can crack (Geez! Doesn't that smell of superhero kinda stuff?! Codenames and all !)

  • So,coming back to the topic. There are many ‘Bunk-Master’ Gangs in our college like the ‘Monginis Monsters’ from the Mechanical Branch who spend the maximum possible time enjoying the free A/C at the Monginis eatery!
  • Then there are the ‘Canteen Campers’ from the Computer Science Branch who are probably under the impression that the classes take place in the canteen. They get down from the bus, spend the whole day in the canteen, then go back home.
  • Hey ! How can I forget the ‘AEI AutoSquad’ ! Yeah. The strange people from AEI branch always come to the college in the Bus and leave within 15 minutes by Autorickshaws ! Probably off to catch some stupid flick at S-Complex or even going window shopping at Forum Mart if the tickets aren’t available. It beats me that why the hell do they bother coming 20 kilometers to college if they have to leave within 10-15 minutes anyway? Hats off to you Autosquad!
  • Same was the case with the ‘IT PhotoSquad’ a few months back. The only difference here is that these species can be seen sprawling all over the college lawns, trees, rocks, et al posing for group photographs. Till today these guys pollute Orkut and Facebook with numerous photo uploads. But strangely they are spotted toiling their asses off studying hard of late…It scares the shit outta me that they even did extra classes for the PPT!
  • Hmm…Well there’s nothing much to say about the guys from the Electrical Branch. Though they are far behind the bunking standards set by the ‘Mechanical Monginis Monsters’ and the ‘CS Canteen Campers’ they still are catching up with the ‘AEI AutoSquad’ and ‘IT PhotoSquad’ in terms of Paagalpan under the able leadership of Mr. Dhoti-Shaker Padhy !
  • There are a few more assorted groups like the ‘Canteen Commandoes’ which can give the ‘CS Canteen Campers’ a run for their money any day and the ‘Gay Section Guys…Oops sorry…’The K Section Guys’ who can be spotted either in the Bike Stand or the So called Fast Food shop at the back gate. I’m going to elaborated about these groups some day later.

You must have noticed that I have missed out the names of any of the ‘Bunk-Master Gangs’ from the ETC and the Chemical branches. Well. Are you kidding? Have you ever seen anyone from ETC bunking the classes ?(Well…apart from the couple of ETC outcasts from the ‘Canteen Commandoes Gang’). These guys would stand near the door and take notes even if they are driven out from their classes by their psychotic lecturers ! And have you seen anyone from the Chemical Branch at all ?! Honestly guys it took me one year to notice that our college has a branch called chemical engineering. Well…That says the story!

Well I’m signing off with a toast to these ‘Bunk-Masters’ gangs who keep the noble art of bunking alive in our college. Cheerz!

Signing off…

Dahara Dick

(Senior Khabri)