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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bunk-Masters III : The Monginis Monsters

Welocme to yet another segment of our special report on ‘Bunk-Masters of CVRCE’. Today we are going to discuss about the feared ‘Monginis Monsters’. The wild and dangerous creatures belong to the Mechanical Branch. Their natural habitat has been the Monginis Eatery for quite a long time. A bit of research reveals that they have been driven out of their original habitat (Mechanical Building) by educational predators (Teachers). These creatures are also known to have severe allergy to ‘Classrooms’.
Disclaimer: This post is a work of fiction. All the characters in this post, living or dead are fictious. Any resemblance to any real life character is purely co-incidental. But if somehow the people on whom this post is targeted on manage to figure out the sarcasm, they are requested to take this in a sporting spirit. A little fun doesn’t hurt anyone . Does it !?
The Members…
  • Small 92.7 FM
  • Oversized Bhaaloo/Kau
  • Confused Bong
  • PJ Man
  • DisCo Kid
  • Jha Dumper
  • Table Fan
After days of wandering in the barren wastelands (College Bus Stand), The Savanna Grasslands (Mechanical Lawns), they have finally settled down in the Polar Ice-caps (Monginis) permanently. they can be seen enjoying the cool AC, enjoying the aroma of stale food and sometimes gulping down bottles of soft drinks normally snatched away from weaker nearby creatures.
This group consists of people of all shapes and sizes. It baffles even highly qualified scientists about the mind-boggling diversity of the form factor of these creatures. They communicate with each other in irritatingly loud and incomprehensible voices. Small 92.7 FM is well known for her loud and tirelessly continuous orating skills despite being one of the smallest creatures in the college. Confused Bong is the bassist of the college band ‘Terrible-Noyze’. SO he is under the false impression that he can blast out high decibels of crap-talk from his unusually big mouth. Same is the case with Oversized Bhaaloo/Kau. Various wildlife observers are still in the loss of words whether to classify him into Bhaaloo, Kau or Homo-Sexual..Oops sorry.. Homo-Sapiens.
Other members of the group are Disco Kid, Jha-Dumper, PJ Man and Table Fan. Disco Kid is a celeb in CVRCE. This tall kid has various laurels in his kitty over the past year like punching the college registrar, attending the sacred ‘Disco’ (Disciplinary Committee), Bagging Jha-Dumper,etc. Experts recommends the general public to stay away from PJ-Man and Table Fan for their own safety. PJ Man hurls rotten PJs (Phaltu Jokes) at his unlucky victims. While Table Fan blows airs about himself all the time. Some of the common airs are “I have had 6 girlfriends at the same time”,”I coach the granddaughter of SRK”,”I played poker with Martians”,etc. And I’m not going to write anything about Jha-Dumper lest Disco Kid gives me one of his legendary punches. Phew. So goes the story about the ‘Mechanical Monginis Monsters’. Stay clear, Stay Safe. More to come next time.
Signing off…

Dahara Dick

(Senior Khabri)