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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pehchan Kaun? (The Fight for IT’s Identity)

Hatasia Harry spoke about Electronics and Telecom Branch. I Touter Tom am going to elaborate on a branch that is revered by one and all as their arch enemies. Any guesses? Yeah you all are right, Branch IT !  [:P]. Short and sweet, ‘IT’ unlike ’ETC’ which is a jargon to many! [;)]…I will explain the evolution of the IT guys of our batch through the three and a half years. In the first year when all branches were jumbled together, no one knew about the existence of a branch named IT (Maybe, even IT guys themselves…Lolz). Nothing changed in the 2nd year as well. They always stayed in the shadow of CSE branch. So, their immediate seniors thought off revolutionizing. Then began …
It started with their own society getting formed (Grapevine has it that all this was done under pretensions of looting money!). Finally IT gained freedom. This first phase of their independence movement was undertaken by their seniors under the able leadership of “MR.ICICI Prudential”. All this went in vain coz he didn’t find an able successor. I mean Mr. Moon Moon could match him in terms of backlogs only (In fact OUTRUN him!) Come on Guys , who is interested in poems stolen from Nursery Rhymes books, stories uprooted (or inspired, as they call it) from CHAMPAK and Panchatantra kinda books!  One message for them. Get it clear …
All the days of Agyaat vaas came to an end. That was the day IT made it to the headlines for the first time…This day marked the advent of an unparalleled rivalry in the history of CVRCE. Even bigger than that of VINCE MCMAHON and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. I am refraining from discussing this further otherwise ”Mr.Bewda Kumar” and ”Unsatisfied Mishra” would hurl expletives at me. Who knows, ”Lambu Sas-Watt” and “Qurbaani Lenka” unite under the label of “BROTHERS IN ARMS” and threaten to boycott the blog too.(Just like they did in the mush talked about freshers’ party). But again, their limelight was stolen by kirdaars like “Disco Kid”,”Cute Bong ”,”Sandalwood Praharaj” and The Safed Wardi Wale Gunde ! One thing that amazes me is that, where was their all time leader, Mr. Moon Moon at the time of crisis. Oh sorry I forgot, he was busy glorifying all the laurels they have got! Friends, we all know how truthful and honest he is. It would take only a fool to believe him! The only thing that changed after that day was, they lost their only source of O grades i.e. in sessional marks! I mean what else you can expect after you pound “Mr. Chamchu” who is allegedly having an affair with “Miss Sharmili Poooooooooh……..ar”?! Friends, one thing to be noted is that all epic fights were fought by some way or the other due to a Girl. here too this “Lanka Dahan ” was due to “Miss Small-Song Singh”. Another advice for you IT guys…
She would easily get herself accommodated in some or the other branch. I mean, I wouldn’t mind to get her seated beside me. Only problem would be CONCENTRATION! Nowadays, they have all turned photographers in unison. A means to get themselves self employed. Finally IT guys get placed in places other than Insurance Companies! All of them are seen clicking snaps at infinitesimally small frame rates and uploading them on Orkut. Leaders in this field are “Crime master GOGOI” from China Border and “Loser Saha” who has more photos in his album than scraps! I Repeat, Get it clear …
 ”GROW UP GUYS”!spoof

One thing that we need to attribute to these guys for is the wonderful spoof they got us during one of their numerous photo shoots. A real life example of “MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP”!  Another noteworthy thing about them is that how crazy they are to pose before the camera. Look closely at the following snap . Here poor ”Abhi Rajsena”  was asked to vacate his seat as “Kudi Punjaban” wanted to sit aside “Madan Lal”.  Must say “LUCKY GUY”! The most confused of the lot was “Crime master Gogoi from China Border”, (“paas baithu yaa dur baithu?”) One person who was sure in this field was “Mr. Graphical Manas”,  sitting a mile away from “Miss Book-House Patnaik”. One more message for the IT Guys…


Miss Small-Song Singh plays god in this branch, coz she is omniscient here and there in every other snap. I heard that before the camera is out she is ready with one of her unique poses. “Miss Wannabe-Hawtie Mishra” trying the “SANGAT KA ASAR ” funda staying close to “Ms Small-Song Singh”. Another advice for Mr. Batish Pattnaik. Stay away from close ups. It exposes your true colors (that of a semi guy!). Once again I would like to reiterate…..

Signing Off,

Touter Tom

(Senior Khabri)