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Monday, November 23, 2009

Semester Monster

There are good time. And there are bad times. But once in six months there comes a really really bad time which completely decimates the already muddled up minds of us Engineering students. Yeah you guessed it right. Its the ‘EggZam Time’ ! It comes once in every six months and spreads a wave of despair all around. Some symptoms to look around for when the semesters are round the corner…

  • The in-season starts for the Xerox/Photocopy Shops. Loads and loads of students make a beeline in these shops to take photocopies of various notes, leaked question papers, so called ‘Sure-Shot’ questions and what-nots. Photo copying becomes the Engineering hobby during the exam time !
  • Big crowds at old book stores/second hand book stores. They are preferred over the newer edition any day. Why? Coz the previous owner must have marked out and underlined the important points. But what the students are unaware that there are many devil minded guys like me who underline and mark out unnecessary points and portions of the book before selling it off with the sole reason to land the next owner in trouble ! Evil. Ain’t it?!
  • Frequent mobile recharges. Its strange that how the need to communicate increases exponentially during the time of exams. Also the level of friendship takes a huge leap in the Y-axis during the exam times !
  • Uncanny amount of status updates in Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.
  • Big Rush at various messes in the name of ‘Group Study’. Two things I have learnt in my Engineering career. One. Exam papers dont leak. Two. There is no such thing as ‘Group Study’ !
  • Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical students debating on whose subject s are the toughest. CS and IT students can’t even open their mouths in these debates ! AEI students watching Movie at S-Complex.
  • The Annual BPUT strike to reschedule the exam dates
  • The IPL season starts during the Exam Season. F**K You Lalit Modi.
  • And last but not the least. Hyper-Tension all around. You can Practically feel it in the air !

Kalakaar Kerry
(Associate Khabri)