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Monday, December 7, 2009

CVRCE Diary.An International Conspiracy?

There are three types of Guptchars in CVRCE.

1.      Normal Guptchars- They work for the blog. They honestly do day to day Guptchar activities for the blog.

2.       Talented Guptachars- They do Guptchar activities for the blog but from outside. Their identities are not known even to the Senior Khabris.

3.       Wannabe Guptchars- They ares otherwise known as Jansoos. They have sacrificed their semester preparations for finding out the real faces behind the ten bloggers. They are further divided into the following…EvilObama

                    I.            Normal Jansoos- They analyze the given facts and take calculated guesses about the real identities of the bloggers.

                  II.            ‘Zaroorat Se Zyada Talented’ Jansoos- They go a step ahead from the others. They take atrocious guesses about the real identities of the bloggers. And they have even more atrocious logic to back their weird guesses.

Our Associate Khabri, Mr. Kalakaar Kerry overheard the conversations of three such ‘Zaroorat Se Zyada Talented’ Jansoos. Keep some Saridons ready coz some of the guesses are so atrocious that it will give you all severe headaches. We reproduce them here for you.

  • ·         The students of GITA engineering college did it. Reason? Coz they wanted to create confusion among CVRCE branches. Confusion will lead to Laadai-Jhagda. Ladai-Jhagda will lead to strikes. And due to strikes the Auto-rickshaws will leave CVRCE in fear and take refuge in GITA College. Hence GITA students won’t have to walk 2 miles to the NH to catch autos.
  • ·         Princy, Krazy Frog and Co did it. Reason? Coz they want to break the unity among the branches of the final year students. Thus they can become more powerful and continue their dictatorship even more powerfully. Hence they can save Rs 10 Lakhs in 2010 by not organizing the Annual Function.
  • ·         The Diploma, Hotel Management and MCA guys did it. Reason? Same as above. They want to break the unity among the B.Tech students, so that they can take control of several college activities. Hence they don’t have to live like 2nd class citizens in this college.
  • ·         Barak Obama did it. Reason? Barak Obama created this blog so that the 7th sem students will waste their time reading this blog and not concentrate on studies. Hence their grades will come down and adversely affect their campus scenario. If they don’t get campus it will be indirectly helpful for the bhakua American Students. So, Obama created this blog to rectify the unemployment problem in USA.
  • ·         China and Pakistan did it. Reason? Coz if anything wrong happens in India the blame is put on China and Pakistan without 2nd thought. Bomb Blast? Blame Pakistan. Maoists? Blame China. Someone farts? Blame Pakistan. Controversial Blog? Blame China.
  • ·         Google did it. Reason? Facebook is getting popular day by day. So Google had to come up with a radical idea to rev up the TRPs of Orkut. So the geeks at Google created CVRCE Diary to increase the hits at Orkut.
  • ·         The TnP Cell/ SSCPL did it. Reason? To keep the students’ mind off the terrible campus situation in the college. So the blog acts as a crotch-guard for Placement Dutta.
  • ·         India TV did it. Reason? Coz people are losing interest in useless and fake-dramatic news on TV; India TV is venturing into the cyber world for continuing their hopelessly useless activities. They have also run out of YouTube videos to show on TV. Hence they are trying to brew controversies inside a college for a change. They are using CVRCE as a test field.
  • ·         Aamir Khan did it. Resaon? Coz he wants to do a viral marketing promotion of his new movie ‘The Three Idiots’.  Tom, Dick and Harry fit the bill.
  • ·         Ortel and Bsnl did it. Reason?As during exam times net usage is too less n in order to compensate their losses, they did it so that people use net every hour to check new updates on the blog.
  • ·         Tiger Woods did it.Reason? So that people can get something to talk about other than his sex-scandals.

Ok. Enough stupid conspiracy theories for now. All the above reasons are wrong. This blog wasn’t created to bring any disunity among the final year students. It was in fact created to give them something to laugh about, something to enjoy, something to break the ice, something to remember, something to look back to once these amazing years of our life are over. This is a humble request by the CVRCE Diary team to take the humor and friendly sarcasm of the blog in the right spirit. Cheers!