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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome Our Newest Member !

1AB_detective-3-thumb160799Hello readers ! This post is dedicated to the so called success story of our newest recruit in CVRCE Diary, Mr Ladkibaaz Larry ! He has been appointed as the Guptchar-in-Chief for the blog and hence would indulge in spy activities around the college on behalf of CVRCE Diary. Ladkibaaz Larry would also take an additional post as an Associate Khabri and would occasionally write small articles on his day to day observations of the college activities . Larry had a very colorful life and has seen many ups and downs. Currently he is heading the list of ‘The Guys With Most Number Of Rejected Proposals’ list in CVRCE. Hatasia Harry and Dahara Dick took a small interview of this illustrious gentleman just after his induction into the CVRCE Diary Team. Read on…



  • Hatasia Harry : Hi Ladkibaaz Larry ! Welcome abroad to the CVRCE Diary Team !
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : Thank You !


  • Hatasia Harry : Would you please tell our readers a little more about you ?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : Hi ! This is Ladkibaaz Larry. I‘m not a flirt; actually I’m just a 'Naari ki pujaaari' ! The best thing about being a Ladkibaaz is that you can be single anytime 4 anyone. I was an ordinary guy in school with extra-ordinary marks. Actually in school, guys with higher percentage had higher chances of bagging a chick. So tried my best and studied hard without watching FTV or MGM till 12th and secured around 90% in both 10th and 12th. And I managed to bag a stunning girl in the end of the day! Then achanak one day that girl deserted me and my life went upside down for all the wrong reasons. My studies were gone, I surfed all sites like ‘Red World’ and ‘Deb Nayar’ all day long. And my dreams of getting into an IIT were spoiled and I ended up here in CVRCE.


  • Hatasia Harry : Sorry to hear about that Mr. Larry. *Fake Concern*
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : Thank you for empathizing with my condition. *Cries*

  • Dahara Dick : Would you like to share your views on CVRCE Diary?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : CVRCE is one of the most happening colleges of Asia coz IIT's have become boring after Chetan Bhagat passed out. And making such a spicy blog with so much detective stuff added is a dicey job. But I’m sure that people are going to love it. This could be the biggest ever thing happened to CVRCE 06-10 batch.


  • Hatasia Harry : How does it feel to be appointed as the prestigious position of Guptachar-in-Chief of CVRCE Diary?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : Bitching is an art and bitching publicly on a blog is not a easy task. I always want to keep my stomach clean. So I can’t hide things. Then I decided to write them on a blog and being a part of CVRCE DIARY I feel like kissing Angie. It’s a great honor that I’m a part of it. That too being the Guptchar-in-chief I’m just overwhelmed. This is a real Kick ass job ! *Kicks the arse of Hatasia Harry*

  • Hatasia Harry :Taking into account that your work at CVRCE Diary requires high levels of secrecy how do you manage to switch between your professional and personal life ?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : Everyone must be aware of Gangadhar and Shaktimaan .My life is just like Gangadhar's and Larry is the Shaktimaan. I’m watching a few Shaktimaan videos and trying to learn as much as I can. I’m using the option 'Invisible' often on Gtalk nowadays. I am watching INDIA TV more (secretly) to get some inspiration on how to make a big deal out of nothing.


  • Dahara Dick : Do you wear capes and tights while doing your Guptachar activities?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : If the script demands, then yes. But I’m not comfortable in tights coz, if you sweat in odd places then you can lose focus from your job. *Hatasia Harry and Dahara Dick give a disgusted look*

  • Dahara Dick : Have you sacrificed your time spent in surfing ‘EDUCATIONAL SITES’ for dedication to CVRCE Diary?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry: Naah… In fact I have increased that time. Because when you do such a challenging job then you have to de-stress yourself and what better way to do it than surfing porn ! I think it’s a good habit for Guptachar coz you never know whose clips you are going to watch today n u may get news from there also !  *Hatasia Harry and Dahara Dick give more disgusted looks*

  • Hatasia Harry : Tell us about your previous experiences being a Guptachar ?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : You know, I have been offered a job by Bill Gates to spy on Larry Page but Billy threw me out coz I was flirting with her daughter. Fcuk you Billy. I curse Windows 7 will sell in pan shops behind CVRCE for 10 bucks. And then the Ambani brothers also appointed me to spy on each other and spied on them both at a time and took salary from both of them.


  • Dahara Dick : What inspired you to become a Guptchar at CVRCE Diary ?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : It’s in my instinct. Still I would mention a real incident which changed my life. In 5th semester I often use the staff bathroom coz it has a mirror. One day it was locked from the inside. I heard some sounds of passion from inside. Then I waited for around 30 minutes. First came out Mr. Rohit Panda. I was shocked and I thought he must be plugging our own Angie but what I saw the next changed my life forever. The next person to come out was the Sucker Bona-Soyi ! Then I started following them and I found that they often exchange shirts and they take the leave on same day. From that day onwards I became a Guptachar.


  • Dahara Dick : Do you aspire to be a Senior Khabri one day ?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry : Karm karo, phal ki ashaa mat rakho. Kaam hi jeevan hai. I heard a GD about "Honesty is the best policy" and from then on I just want to be honest and do my job. As far as being Senior Khabri, it’s a just step away. I can give a ladki to any one of them n they will promote me on that moment.


  • Dahara Dick : A few words about the three Senior Khabris (Tom,Dick and Harry) ?
  • Ladkibaaz Larry: I won’t say anything until they pay me for it. Saale tino k tino bhikaari hai. Din me Ram Mandir ke aage baith te hai aur raat ko usi pise se net karte hai. Tom ne mujhe bola tha ke ek post ka 100 rupees dega, Par wo salaa ek khali gutkha de kar chala gaya. Dick to usse bhi gaya bada chutiya hai kahan ki har post ke baad ek ek nayi nayi ladki ka number dega. Par jo bhi number diya sab ke sab vodafone k customer care k number nikley! Aur bacha haraam khor Hatasia Harry. Saale ka CGPA se jyaada toh mere paas Fake Orkut profile hai….. Hey…hold on….Aaarggh….. *Tom Dick and Harry rain blows on Ladkibaaz Larry*

Um… Err… At the time of uploading this post, Ladkibaaz Larry is lying in the ICU of Kalinga Hospital after the heavy thrashings from the Senior Khabris Tom, Dick and Harry for bad mouthing them. He is expected to be back in the job very soon though. Keep visiting CVRCE Diary or else there’s a good chance that you might have to share a room with Larry at the Hospital too !