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Monday, November 30, 2009

Blazers’ Day Out !

Computer Science Department has been historically one of the most insane and weird branches of CVRCE since years. Their horrible, weird and illogical antics in the college premises have been unparalleled with the exception of the IT students who definitely are the pioneers in this field. A few weeks back a similar strange and incomprehensible incident was seen in the college campus. The guys, semi-guys and girls from CS were all dressed in oversized blazers and posing like total jackasses for photographs all over the place.

I and Hatasia Harry decided to investigate the matter. We were told that the nerds were posing form some photo that will be published in some nerd-magazine. Whatever. But it is beyond logic that how come the CS guys who are BPUT-Famous for their insane amount of mass bunks turn up in such huge numbers for some loser photo shoot?! Anyway, we report some highlights from this weird event.


  • CS2 Sherni and Hawt Bihari Kudi (HBK) posed in some absolute loser style photographs in which they hopelessly tried to act like lecturers teaching stuff. They tried to act funny but ended up looking like some geeks whose photos come out in the brochure/prospectus of loser engineering college.
  • Bholadri Dutta woke up at 4 am, gets shaved, shaves chest, legs, arms,etc. Sprays five different deodorants, colognes, perfumes, etc. Applies makeup, hair gel, face wash, fairness cream and other gay stuff. Puts on a costly Reid & Taylor Blazer, Holyfield black shoes, Raymond’s Tie, Allen Solly Suit, Park Avenue Shirt, Jockey Inners, etc . Arrives at college well before anybody else. Sadly all this preparation for the photo soot goes down the drain because of the unforgiving sun. All the beauty queen stuff he had put on wears off due to the heat and sweat and finally Bholadri Dutta still looks like a geek in the Photos.
  • Paradeep Kotipathy forgets his blazer at home. He was the only guy in the photo shoot without a blazer. No big surprise that he looks like a homeless villager or a college sweeper among the other geeks in the final photos.
  • Bhootiya Kutta’s and Foreign Kumar Hembram’s blazers gets exchanged accidentally. Bhootiya Kutta looks like he is wearing a oversized black kurta in the final photos. Foreign Kumar Hembram looks like he is wearing sexy top .
  • Peacock-Race Sahoo turns up in the college after two years of disappearance for the photo shoot. The CS HOD Dr. Kamilla plans to do more such photo shoots to rev up the declining attendance among the students.
  • CS Lecturer Mr. Mohit Panda who resembles a Kollywood Side-Hero seemed more excited than the students about the photo shoot. He changed his shirt four times throughout the day for the photo shoot.
  • Hottie Verma’s ex-boyfriend from ‘Safed Vardi-Wala Branch ’ turns up at the photo shoot in full ‘Tere Naam’ style. Famous Housebreaker Shoe-Case Dash plays superhero and goes to save the day.
  • China Bomb comes to college for the photo shoot inspite of a broken ankle. Frustu-a-sis Panigrahi gets a nervous breakdown after seeing her.
  • Shit-ish Pradhan and Supermodel Mahapatra pose for a pseudo-romantic photograph. Reports state that Supermodel Mahapatra fled the scene soon as she was unable to endure the rotten Shit-isms by Shit-ish Pradhan. By the way we miss the famous crumpled dress Miss Supermodel Mahapatra !

Thus went a strange day at Loserville…oops CS Block. If this day wasn’t ‘loser’ enough, all the other branches decided to ape the weird photo-shoot activity in the coming days. Epic Losers. Keep Visiting CVRCE Diary. Meanwhile lemme dry wash my blazer. My branch has its photo-shoot tomorrow!

Signing Off

Dahara Dick & Hatasia Harry

( Senior Khabris )