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Thursday, December 3, 2009

‘Dimaag Ki Dahi’ with CS2 Sherni !

CS2 Sherni in ActionWelcome to our newest segment ‘Dimaag ki Dahi’, a new section in which we take the interviews of the celebrities  of Final Year CVRCE! We managed to get an interview with CS2 Sherni, The much feared CRni of CS2. This mission was a very high risk operation as along with the obvious dangers of directly interacting with CS2 Sherni, the dangers of Welcome Patnaik kicking our ass was luring constantly! Anyway, a huge thanks to CS2 Sherni and for cooperating with us and making this interview a success. Touter Tom and Ladkibaaz Larry reporting from ground Zero (With Dahara Dick and Hatasia Harry giving backup for such a dangerous mission) …

Tom: A few words about the blog…

CS2 Sherni: It’s funny when the jokes not on you....

Tom:  A few words about the final year life of our college…Are you going to miss it?

CS2 Sherni:  Of course. I never thought I’ll miss it...My friends circle, the ex-canteen (our home, our abode), my class CS-2, the bunks, and the list goes on... *Harry Becomes Senti*

Tom: Do you think that the blog is too offensive? Should the friendly sarcasm and humor be toned down a bit?

CS2 Sherni: It is fun when you don't take it seriously...But when it’s you that is being blown like a balloon; it might hurt a little...

Tom:  Should the blogging continue? Is it worth all the controversies it is creating?

CS2 Sherni: Actually it’s fun...I think nobody should take it seriously...It'll give us something to remember, something to be nostalgic about, not 2 cry but 2 laugh... *Harry Becomes Senti once again.*

Tom: Which is the coolest branch of the college? And why?

CS2 Sherni: Undoubtedly it’s Computer Science! Spearheads of a lot of things...it’s fun, its serious too, you do what you like and nobody bothers you...*The Non CS Khabris Sulk.*

Tom:  What is your advice to the final year students of CS-IT on what to do after the completion of B.Tech? We all know that no campus for them is coming!

CS2 Sherni: Don’t worry. We have a large college campus. We’ll find something. We are talented in many things. People take gardening courses! *The Non-CS-IT Khabris ROFL.*

Tom:  How does it feel to be the undisputed ruler of CS2? Any tips for Bangali Behosh in this department?

CS2 Sherni: Remaining healthy is my secret to success... Keep taking GLUCON-D...and save yourself from fainting...

Tom:  What is your advice to the people who hate the blog?

CS2 Sherni: CHILL...and take it positively...!

Tom: Describe how will you punish the bloggers once you catch hold of them? Why would you punish them anyway?!

CS2 Sherni:  First I’ll kick them...Then maybe I’ll applaud them... *Khabris exchange Hi-Fives.*

Tom: How high is the anger level of the ‘Canteen Commandoes’ as of now?

CS2 Sherni: It’s exceeding maximum limits...! *Dick Faints.Larry craps a brick in fear. Harry calls the ambulance.*

Tom:  Hum Chloromint kyun Khate hain ?

CS2 Sherni: DHISHUM !!!!!! Dobara mat poochna. *Tom Injured. Harry calls the ambulance once again.*

Larry: Any words on the band ‘Terrible-Noyze’?

CS2 Sherni: What!!!? That orchestra!!!!? It’s okay... only if it reduces its fee from 100 to 50/- per day!!! *The Khabris give a blank look. Apparently higher CGPA is required to understand this PJ*

Larry:  Agla IPL kaun jeetega?

CS2 Sherni: No idea… *Future-Tendulkar Harry is shocked. Whispers to Larry that Sherni must be watching only Baalika Badhu*

Larry: Estimate in how many days the cover of ‘Secret Agent Sally’ will be blown in the LH?

CS2 Sherni: Ten Days… *Harry gives a call to Sally. Call Waiting. Harry becomes jealous.*

Larry: CVRCE ka Agla Strike kab hoga? Predict the reasons…

CS2 Sherni: No more strikes!!!!! Wait!!!!  Do a strike for that...coz it violates the fundamental BPUT student life law...! *The Mechanical Khabris beam at CS2 Sherni with respect.*

Larry: Can we have yr mobile num?!

CS2 Sherni: No, Thank You...I am too polite to scold you... (College mein  dekhlungi!!!) *Larry trembles in fear. Harry runs away* 

Sorry! We had to cut short the interview. This is too risky! CS2 Sherni is too dangerous to be interviewed. Tom,Dick are still in hospital. Harry went underground. And Larry vows never to go to college again due to the threat issued by CS2 Sherni…Watch this space for interviews to come!