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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Secret Agent Sally (Snr. Guptchar, LH Wing)

First of all, THANK YOU all for making this blog a success. Thanks for the 2500+ hits in just one day!
400_F_9148570_SK9sHjcTxlASVCY0uGo17FioUkBFhdOz Anyway. Now the BREAKING NEWS. We have finally managed to rope in The Pratham-Mahila-Guptchar right from the ‘LH’ into the CVRCE Diary Team! We cordially welcome Miss Secret Agent Sally to this blog. Many many kudos to her for agreeing to undertake this risky job (Though we had to coax her a lot and had to do huge bunches of Senti-Acting!) She will be working as a Senior Guptchar (LH Wing) and would provide valuable inputs about the daily misadventures in the mysterious castle named ‘LH’ ! Hatasia Harry managed to get a brief five minutes interview with Secret Agent Sally. (Hatasia Harry is a bloody miser. He didn’t have a longer and a more proper interview with her coz he didn’t have powerplus). Anyway read on…

Hatasia Harry : Welcome to CVRCE Diary! How does it feel to be in the middle of all controversies?
Secret Agent Sally : Actually I don’t know what the fuss is all about.According to me there should be no controversies at all.
Would u mind giving us a brief introduction about you?
Kya Intro doon?...Naam toh tum logon ne chun liya! (Secret Agent Sally)
A few words on the Three Senior Khabris…
Sach bataun to tum sab paagal aur sarfire ho. Lekin tum logon ka blog ka idea mast hai.
And the Guptchar-in-Chief Larry?
He is funny but he should know his limits.
Won’t Mr. Boneless Chicken be pissed off that you are a part of the blog?
Shut up! I can take my own decisions.*Blushes* (Huh? Really?!)
Your room number?
Huh?? *shocked*
Ok, Which floor?
*Laughs*. No Comments *Laughs More*
Ok then. Your laptop brand?
Kya? Yeh sab kyun jaanna hai tumhe ? *Still laughing*
Ok. Ok. So will this blog last for even a week after all the violent protests?
Hmm. Just be a bit careful. As long as it is in good humor it will last. I liked most of it.
Any message for our readers?
Doston ,yeh sab masti majaak ke liye banaya gaya hai.Toh please aap kisi bhi baat ko dil pe mat lijiye.