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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I, Robot ?

Electronics and Telecommunication Branch. God I honestly feel tired writing the name of the branch. Sometimes I wonder what short name I will give to the branch, is it ETC or is it EnTC? Even electronics guys are confused about the name of their branch [:P]. Anyways these guys have saved the arse of our college during counseling. Other bhakuas trail their choice of the college. I honestly never saw any electronic jackass backside of our college. ( Well about backside of our college, I will describe later. It’s my favorite hangout! )  [:p]
Well I got an impression on The Electronics guys when I entered college. Big specs. Popat looks. Oil damped hair. Roaming around the campus with books. Roaming outside the campus with books. Sitting in the bus with books. Shitting at home with books. Even smoking with books ! Oops that’s stretched, I thought electronics guys never smoke [:P]. But these guys have got one thing in them. A spirit driving them to do crazy stuff. A spirit of being different. Many tried, most doomed with their thoughts. But few gentlemen rose and took steps to be different. Like you see in movies 7-8 people rising from horizon like some superheroes with tights and capes with a mission [:P]. Well back to topic three guys from EnTC rose and took a step. And alas what was that? ROBOTICS. Huh? Goddamnit ! I always wonder, were they trying to be different ? Hawwww, Come on… It’s 5th semester and you are opening robotics club now ? [:O] *Applause* [:P]. I found students saying “Hey do u know there is a robotics club in the college?”. And the other one always replied “No”. Even now I hear the same answer from students! [:P]
Anyways one day a jackass Gajendra Barada brought 4-5 ICs and showed it to two more jackasses Robbie Panda and Hathi Singh. 3 pairs of eyes shined [;)]. And brainstorming started. Ideas fought with each other and they decided to do something different. They got a cheap name very easily “ROBOTIX[:D]. Cliché. Huh? To know more they looted college funds, went to some tech fests, stood there like jerks, smiled at each other, returned back to home, talked among each other and ended up with nothing [:P]. In the next phase the same loop began. This time they went to The IIT Tech-Fest, watched robotics events like villagers watching The Titanic [:D]. Again smiled at each other, returned back and talked about this to their senior master and still ended up with nothing. Coz even he could contribute nothing [:P].
This time it was height of patience. One day the 1st jackass brought one motor, connected it with some wires, ran it and said, ”See this is what called ROBOTICS”. 3 pairs of eyes shined, smiled at each other and said, “Even we can do this…it’s so simple[;)]. So after that these 3 jackasses searched the internet for porn, Tech-Fests happening here and there. They got one Tech-Fest which fascinated their geeky balls, took a bagful of bulbs and motors with them and reached there. And found that the event is a racing event. And what they got? A pair of motors, some wires, some bulbs, some ICs…One jackass ate Mentos (Maybe…I heard it works [:P]) and said “Robotics is simple. All we need is to search Google and copy the work of some foreign geeks !”. 3 pair of eyes shined, smiled at each other. Next they hit Google, surfed for porn, sorry Geeky Electronics stuff, arranged their wires and bulbs and ran their cart, stood first in the event. And here was the first success of 2010 batch CVRCE ROBOTICS TEAM !
One thing always scrambles my mind. What was there in that event? To run a cart and reach the finish line? I don’t understand why they are drawing such accolades [:X]. Even I saw such kind of carts driven by 2-3 year old naked kids on streets with great excitement [:P]. Added to that after their win they acted as if they are facing a press conference with a bunch of fucking idiots asking questions. Oops I forgot to mention. The three jackasses introduced one more jackass Rocket Sahani into their team. A team of 4. What was the team’s name? Hmmm…yeah MAVERICK. Sounds geeky right ? [:P]…honestly I feel MAVE-DICK would have been more apt. These are four excited jerks trying to give a name that will not be understandable to most and that will sound geeky enough.
Anyway I don’t understand why I don’t see the four together. The fourth jackass is not seen with the group anymore. Apparently he has been replaced by a semi guy Sita [:-D]. May be for success team MAVERICK thought to introduce a Cheer-Girl. Err…not sure yaar. After all behind every successful man there is a woman [:D]. So team MAVERICK returned home victorious with lump sum amount of cash [:P] and lot of attention in the college. All this lured other attention seekers to get into this geeky business. After than many more frustus and wannabe-geeks made robots and pole danced them in many functions and gained attention [:D].
Don’t think that I’m letting out my frustration on them. I’m frustrated on the system [:X]. But it’s not my habit to let out my frustration on losers. Here among these common sense starved people these bunch of jackass bounce and show their certified asses as their achievements, running a cart, lighting a bulb, switch on/off a fan. Is this what’s called robotics huh? I must say those losers to get a life. Even I feel like laughing when I see those robots giving seminars on ROBOTICS. And I feel weirder when I see the other guys staring curiously to their yawning classes with eyes wide open. Come on do something new. Even DOCOMO cries it out you old brained idiots [:X]. Never ever I heard of someone speaking of ROBOTICS outside the college campus in the paan stalls, coz no one wants his maa behen by initiating those topics…!
I’m fed up…gotcha debug.
Signing Off,
Hatasia Harry
(Senior Khabri)
PS: Coming soon… Sequel to this Article…”We, Robot”…Here’s a preview of what to expect in the concluding part of this segment…More geeks from ETC, More Geekism !