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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Tribes of CVRCE

The SEXONS (sections) of CVRCE…
Hi all the dumbasses. This is my debut post and feel like peeing in front of The White House while writing this blog because both are a matter of great Pride ! So being the Senior Guptachar let me first give you an inside analysis of all the sexons sections of our batch. We will go alphabetically or else AEI people will again say that we have been neglected.

  • AEI (The Rumor-mongers or Pawanaas) - If you are a victim of useless rum ours in CVRCE then you must curse this tribe. They are lead by D.'I never fart’ Rao and Miss ‘Dance India Dance’ Ranjeeta. These people are one of the most civilized tribe of CVRCE ; After all they went for a strike because of No Lab ! Get a life man ! Who complains about it except these "We are so geek" people? This class has a considerable number of people who come to college in the morning and end up standing in the queue for movie tickets. They change their CR in every now and then; Much faster than the change of Pakistani captains !

  • Chemical (The Unknowns) - We don't know much about these people. How they look? Or where they stay? Etc.No one is interested in them as they don't have hot girls unlike other sections. The story of evolution of this tribe is when Raj Thackeray attacked north Indian students in Mumbai they flew to their land but in the midway appeared KRK and rescued them with his Deshdrohi act and sent them here to CVRCE. I think these Chemies have invented some invisible mask and they wear it every time. I just know one guy from Chemical named Kishaan (added an extra ‘K’ because of his involvement with "Gay", I mean "K" section people). But the tragedy is that he never admits that he belongs to chemical.

  • Computer Science-1 (The valley of Frustus) - When you see these people they look so frustrated because they did not score enough to get ETC and some of them are still in coma. They have some legendary Casanovas (duh!) like Altaf Raja Bankiya and 40 years old Virgin Sahoo. Then there is also a Band which is more interested in growing mafia size rather than making music or increasing their fan base. They have so much frustus in CS1 that even a guy gives treat after getting a testimonial from Brazil. Some run a group called GMS to increase there network business following. And a guy named Binay Kumar Jhadoo does piercing after getting dumped by a Mechi-Toki.

  • Computer Science-2 (The Angels & Demons) - This class is full of Angels ( I mean witches ) led by CS2 Sherni and the best part is that they have a plenty of them too. Even one is imported from China itself and one even is half-mental. The class is divided into two groups the ruling party called as 'We want a mass bunk' and there is the minority opposition party named 'We should have been informed about mass bunk earlier'. These people have not attended a single lab in 7th semester, The real demons for teachers. The strangest thing about this class is the rate in which people faint here lead by Bangali Behosh, the CR followed by Chutki Mahapatra, China Bomb and Tomboy Satpathy. I must tell you about the Don of CS, the ever charming and furious Maka who lights a cigarette from its filter.

  • Electrical (The Inglorious Infighters) - These people can easily give BJP a run for there money as far as infighting is concerned. And the worst thing is that they even have infighting for being the topper. WTF ?! This section consists of bunch of Bihari chachas and Odiya saahi lafangas. They are so charged of that even a mediocre goonda like Nanda Prusty is starting to rain blows on people thrice his size. Most of the people including chicks here are niggers and they can easily scare the hell out of Lara or Obama. They have the most famous the queen of english Miss ‘Shut Yr 'A' Up’ Tripathy and Mr. Dhoti Shaker Padhy, our very own dual meaning poet. I must not criticize much else Knee30 will send PCR to my home also !

To be continued...............
Ladkibaaz Larry