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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Frustration Meets Frustration

Semesters nearing. Seniors possessed with their studies. Their frustration with the system is quite evident. This is what puzzles me. Is this the fate even i am going to meet in the near future? Day in-Day out. Engrossed with studies. Sleeping with books and waking with books. Even having nightmares about them !

We all know that this endeavor of ours is going to lead us to nowhere, But trying to make something out of nothing. Seeing their frustration brings out the frustration in me ! Did we join engineering for this ? Answer is for all you to ponder about.

So why this blog ? This is the let-out of our frustration. This is a reflection of what all happens in a reputed institution ( Which claims to give quality education for future engineers ! ) This poem explains the dilemma we all are going through…

To lose one important thing after another

Unless another important decision is made.

To give up on a life which was secure

To transform to one new and unfamiliar.

To become more "sophisticated" in accepting views

That were not easily accepted before.

To lose, to change, to lie

For someone expecting too much from another.

This is no College Journal. I don't intend to inform you about the college happenings. This is more like a diary book entry. A let-out of my frustration...

Signing Off

Hatasia Harry

(Senior Khabri)