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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Members

Here goes a brief description about the founding members of CVRCE Diary…

Touter Tom – Senior Khabri

The most gentle and geekiest Senior Khabri amongst the three founding members. Has a considerably higher CPGA than the other two losers. He as a rather irritating quality of bossing over Dahara Dick and Hatasia Harry owing to his intellectual superiority. Touter Tom will be catering to the interests and tastes of the various nerd and geek readers of this blog.

Dahara Dick – Senior Khabri

The most evil Khabri of them all ! The dark king of sarcasm is here to make life hell for his victims in CVRCE. He cant stand other people laughing and enjoying. His posts will have sarcasm ,irony and evil-ism smeared all over them. Dahara Dick will be catering to the interests of similar evil-minded readers from CVRCE.

Hatasia Harry – Senior Khabri

The most frustrated Khabri of them all. He has been a loser all his life. His life at CVRCE is no exceptions. Low CGPA, Low Attendance, Low Self Esteem, you name it. he has them all. He will be venting out his frustration over the system here in CVRCE Diary. Hatasia Harry will be catering to the tastes of similar losers from CVRCE.

Here goes a brief description about the associate members of CVRCE Diary…

Secret Agent Sally – Senior Guptchar (LH Wing)

This first lady in the team! She will provide useful info from the LH!

Ladkibaaz Larry – Associate Khabri / Senior Guptchar

The newest addition to the CVRCE Diary. Ladkibaaz Larry is a hopeless Flirt. He will be acting as an undercover agent/reporter for CVRCE Diary from now on.

Kalakaar Kerry – Associate Khabri/ Chitrakaar-in-Chief

This good for nothing guy ed the blog's layout, logos, etc. He will be penning down a few articles for us in the coming days.