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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog On !!!

This is Hatasia Harry here. So you all must be wondering why this all started again :) Hmm… Even we wonder how it started again coz it was unexpected. Really. And trust me this wasn’t an easy job. A company broke silently and we knew this will happen and we couldn’t do anything. Just watched its fall and we knew this is it. This is the end. Ten Thousand hits. A few happy moments, few controversies, few praises and it all ends in this way. I used to tell Dick that we have just a few months with us. After that what we will do to this blog? Let it die like this. Or hand it over to some junior? But naaaaah...Hell no...It’s our blog. It’s your blog. And honestly you won’t want any junior to kick our ass! So better let it. And this is the first post after the reunion. And while writing this all those days flashed back in my mind. The days which led to the resurrection of CVRCE Diary.Rock_on_Cover090708_0721feature

After final semester we all bid farewell to each other. And we had no contact with each other for many days. Some isolated and some busy with their own lives. The reality with this blog is that most of the Khabris don’t even know each other’s identities with certainty barring the Senior Khabris. Heck, the Senior Khabris became friends with each other only after the inception of this blog. So naturally it was tough to stay in touch with each other after the end of the college days. The Khabri Meetings became impossible as the members became scattered all over the country. Tom Became Busy in losing money in Counter Strike Matches. He still calls himself a counter Strike Pro though. Dick became an Employee in a corporate Office. Jeans and Tees gave way to Suits and Ties. Hally became depressed after getting a couple of backs. True to his name he became ‘Hatash’ after failing to crack any of the campus, after failing to draw the attention of his secret crush Sally! The final nail in his coffin came when he noticed that his number wasn’t even stored in Sally’s phonebook.  He spent most of his time in a cheap bar. Drunk and thrown out most of the times. Larry waiting for his Call letter rotted away in his home, watching Saans-Bahu serials and killing time. Sally forgot about the blog. And soon she changed her number. Babu Bullet, Vicky Virus, Kalakaar Kerry and Pappu Pirate all were placed and left the city to join their jobs. And we lost contact with all the rest bloggers. CVRCE Diary was dead. Or was it?

28th July 2010, West End, 8:15 PM

It was his 3rd peg. I was feeling depressed. Something was missing. Then came two familiar faces and sat in front of me. To my shock, It was Tom and Larry! Larry was in town for his passport work and Larry finally ventured out of his home after weeks! Wow! I was elated. Felt like unmasked superheroes are in front of me! We shared few pegs with me and there started the proposal which made me speechless.

TOM: Let’s Start it again

LARRY: Yeah let’s remember those old days. It was cool. I’m missing those days. Feeling like a loser nowadays. Dick’s in town. Let’s give him a call and start it again.


I gave them a dull look and continued with my 4th peg. Perhaps they haven’t talked with Dick lately. I have. I gave him this proposal days back. But he has changed. His work has changed him. He has stopped receiving our calls coz he’s being charged for incoming calls.” I have a job now. I can’t give much time to the log now. And moreover I don’t want to be attached to the controversies which come with the blogs”, is what he said to me the last time I talked with him.

I Said: No man it’s now worthless. Those days are gone. We won’t get the same energy back. And moreover Dick is not there.

TOM: What the problem is wrong with you? I’m tired playing solitaire all day long. I feel sad when I see 20-30 hits on the blog each day, when a few of our readers come back every now and then to check if anything new is posted or not. We owe them this.

I Said: Ok Fine. We will do this. I’ll give a call to Dick about this. We will have the next blog meeting on Friendship Day. I’ll text Dick about it nonetheless.


1st August, Liquid Pub, 8 PM.

Dick didn’t turn up. Vicky Virus and Babu Bullet aren’t giving us any e’Mphasis’. Kalakaar Kerry is not a ‘Sport’ anymore. They are busy with their jobs now. And they rest; we didn’t have any contact numbers. 3 guys around a table. Tom, Me and Larry. Sad as Dick was expected to be part of this reunion. We jotted down the plans. Planned some posts and decided that we will announce our Comeback on Engineer’s Day. 4 Pegs of tequila each and we don’t know what happened that day. The next day we woke in a friend’s mess. I was confused about the hangover. And saw tom leaving the room with his bag. I couldn’t find Larry anywhere. I Got up from bed and found Larry on the floor drunk and out. I cursed Dick in my mind. Many slangs rolled up for him. CVRCE Diary won’t be the same without him


13th September (Engineer’s Day) 11: 30 AM, The day we are Going to announce our comeback.

One message in my shock shocked me. In a good way though. It was a message from Dick.

Let’s Do It Guys! Gimme Da Username and password…” it read.

Hi fives in minds. We called each other again. This was the second time ever we guys were emotional together. First time we were emotional when Altaf Raza Bankiya said that he will complain to the police about our Blogging! Sally,Kerry,Bullet,Virus,Screwvalla,Charger If you are reading this, we need you back!

So. Here it all STARTS again J




Signing Off,

Hatasia Harry

Senior Khabri