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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bigger. Better. Badder. We Are Back !

And you thought that we we were dead ?! No way ! Here we are back from our hibernation on 6 months. Now we promise to be BIGGER ! BETTER ! and BADDER !

For those of you who have low memory power, CVRCE Diary was the brainchild of three Engineering students Touter Tom, Dahara Dick, Hatasia Harry. It was formed sometime during the 6th Semester Exams. Soon it was joined by Ladkibaaz Larry and Secret Agent Sally and a dozen others in the coming weeks. Originally intended as a  personal journal of the three ‘Senior Khabris’, it soon spread out to be one of the highest read blogs in this part of the country ! We are not Lying! We have the Stats to prove that! Anyway thanks to all the Peeps of CVRCE for making this blog a stupendous success. It was your encouragement that kept us going in spite of the occasional brickbats by our critics.lens4354912_1241087913insults

Lastly we would like to apologise for the six months of hibernation. It was inevitable due to the chaos and confusion after the completion of semesters and the bloggers going away to different parts of the country made it tough to hold the Blogger meetings. Anyway last friendship day we managed to have a meeting at Bhubaneswar (with less than half the members) and decided to resurrect the blog once again! and what better day to relaunch it than the ENGINEER’S DAY !!!

Go on. Keep visiting this blog. Keep supporting the blog. And please help us achieve the past success of the blog once again. :)

We have made some changes to the blog…


1. Orkut is Uncool now! SO we decided to move to Facebook!…Add us up. Join the CVRCE Diary Group !

2. Now Comments can be given in the blog by using Facebook connect. No need to sign in into your blogger or Google account to comment on the post. Facebook is enough !



Stay Tuned For More Updates! New Post coming this weekend!