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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Awards !

Disclaimer: The follow post isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If any couple or individual feels offended by the  nominations/awards please leave us a scrap/ comment/ email mentioning the context  which  is deemed derogatory by you.
Hello Peeps! Welcome to the V-Day Special of CVRCE Diary! Hold your breath for the first ever CVRCE Diary Awards at Kodak Theatre, L.A.! The 13 Khabris of the Diary voted for the hottest couples in CVRCE 2010 batch. We present you highlights of the fake ceremony! Cheers!valentine-750822
We faced a stiff opposition by IT Sena led by Rishab Thackeray and AviRAJ Sena just before the awards ceremony. They tore down posters of the awards ceremony and held violent protests against the CVRCE Diary! Finally they were pacified after an apology by some Senior Khabris for some previous statements by some Senior Khabris against the IT Sena in the blog.  Damn. There is no freedom of speech these days. We are being harassed by IT Sena. Peeps, please help us and IT Sena please try to understand. We mean no harm!
Anyway, the award ceremony was kicked off by the band ‘Terrible-Noyze’. After enduring a cacophony of 15 minutes the audience were again forced to endure another 15 minutes of eyesore by the Dance troupe led by Moolah Khan, Bangla Das and Co. Finally Harry and Sally hosted the award ceremony. The Following Awards were presented to the couples of CVRCE.
Aman Ki Asha Award: This award is presented to the couples who promoted love between the two traditionally warring branches of CVRCE., CS and Mechanical The award was handed over by  Knee30 and DhotiShaker who are known to be the most peaceful people of CVRCE.The Nominees are
  • Bangali Behosh & Good-Girl Rakshit.
  • Band-Party Patnaik & Waiting Mishra
  • Binay Jhadoo & Petron Sahu
And the Winners are… Binay Jhadoo & Petron Sahu ! They proved that CS-Mechanical love is stronger than anything else in CVRCE. Even stronger than Mech-Mech love! (Pun Not Intended!).
Fevicol Ki Jod Award: This award is presented to the most 400_F_11213270_JHPVVtz4DsvB8UwQwYi4NW7PzQmPNtKW inseparable couple of CVRCE. They can be seen together all every possible time in the campus of CVRCE. This award was presented by Sandalwood Praharaj and Robotics Sahoo of ETC who are one of the most Chipkoo guys in CVRCE. The Nominees are…
  • B-Noy Coo-Mar & B-Jaya Bay-Hay-Ra (CS)
  • Tota & Toti
  • Miss IUC & Mr IUC
And the award goes to…Tota-Toti ! Not a big surprise. Is it?!
Jhoru ka Gulham Award: This award is self-explanatory. This was handed by future Jhoru Ka Gulham Shoe-Case Dash. The nominees are…
  • Satyam-Mahindra & Snay-Haa
  • Rishab Thackeray & Saswat Aayi
  • Now-Shake Rath & White Banerjee
  • Only Vimal & Un-Nasha Chakrabarty
  • Ad-Wait & Shut Up Tripathy
And the Award goes to… Ad-Wait & Shut Up Tripathy! Shoe Case Dash is particularly scared of this lady. He Ran away as soon as he announced the name. We handed over the mic to Ad-Wait to say a few words but Miss Tripathy snatched away the mic and Ad-Wait stood like a good boy throughout her speech(Which by the way consisted only of beeps!).
Bomb and Dumb Award: Some Bombs of our college are with  Dumbs. This gives all the Dumbs out there some hope that they too can get a Bomb someday! This award celebrates the fact that girls indeed do have bigger hearts than Guys! An Ode to all the Bombs out there! This award was present by one of the hottest cartoon_love_by_xweekendxbombs of CVRCE, CS1 Sony and the biggest Dumb in CVRCE, Crime-master Gogoi (IT). The nominees are…
  • CS2 Sherni & Welcome Patnaik.
  • Inspiration Pallavi & Pacific Priyadarshi
  • Paris-Czech Sahoo & Cuttack Bong
And the award goes to… CS2 Sherni & Welcome Patnaik ! As soon as the couple are invited up the stage, Welcome Patnaik punches down Harry in the face for calling him dumb! Dick wets his pants fear!
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Award: Some couples are so full with ‘Hell May Care! ’ and ‘Happy Go Lucky’ attitude that it  baffles eminent  lovologists like Mr. Asurasish Dash (Who BTW has 6 GFs) . This award was presented by Indian Sourav Car (Marine) who too had baffling love stories in the past.The Nominees are…
  • Confused Bong & Mean-ooo Singh
  • Loser Saha & D.Run-Jeeta
  • Re-test Sahoo & Sing-Dhaa
And the award goes to… Confused Bong & Mean-ooo Singh ! This was a very easy choice! After all how many Boys have the guts to visit Goan Strip Clubs and upload the snaps in Orkut! Its a different story that he was fried/roasted/minced by Mean-ooo. But no other BF could have survived such an act and no other GF would have left him off alive! Cool. Way Too Cool !
Highest CGPA Difference Award: This award was added to the couple who were together in spite of the hell and heaven difference between their respective CGPAs. This once again strengthens the fact that girls indeed have bigger hearts than Guys! This award was presented by Asurasis Dash(Mech) and Nay-Haa Agarwal (ETC) for obvious reasons! The Nominees are…
  • Foreign Ku. Hembram and Sauce-Mita
  • Kishan and Aal izz Aaa
And the award goes to… Foreign Ku. Hembram and Sauce-Mita! Foreign Ku. Hembram cries in happiness on the stage. Sauce-Mita is embarrassed. She continues to say that they are not a couple.
Just Friends Award: This award is presented to the couple who are hell-bent on the fact that they are ‘Just-Friends’ in spite of being spotted in restaurants, Parks, Cinemas ,etc. for long.This award was presented by Shit-ish Pradhan and Supermodel Monica. The Nominees are…
  • Foreign Ku. Hembram and Sauce-Mita
  • Arungutan Panigrahi & Queen Radha
  • Bee-Bhoo & Me-Taali
And the award goes to… Bee-Bhoo & Me-Taali !...Upon coming up to the stage Me-Taali gives a taali to Sally. And Beeb-Bhoo maintains that they are still ‘Just Friends’!
The 377 award: This award is sponsored by Karan Johar for guys exhibiting Bro-mance. This award was awarded to the most bromantic couple of CVRCE. The award was handed over by Dev-Under from Electrical. The Nominees are…
  • Bateesh Patnaik and Ass-Hiss Patnaik (IT)
  • Easy Sanghai & Re-test Sahoo (AEI)
  • Anand Kanungo & World-Candle Bose
  • Safed Vardi Wale Goonde
  • Altaf Raza Bankiya and 40 Year old Virgin
And the award goes toSafed Vardi Wale Goonde..! They come up the stage with tears of happiness gleaming over their faces. They start hugging and doing Bro-Mantic stuff on the stage. Agar Ladkon mein itna pyaar jhai to lAdkiyaan kise chahiye!
BEST COUPLE: The Best couple Award was the biggest award of the evening. It was an unanimous decision taken by all the 13 Khabris. The Best Couple of 2010 Batch Goes to…
Small 92.7 FM & Bhaloo Guitarist !
CONGRATS!!! The couple were asked to say a few words. Bhaloo Guitarist said some stuff none could understand. The Small 92.7 FM took over and said and said and said for 2 long hours. All audience and Khabris slept during her long speech. Finally all of us got respite when the Kodak Theatre wale cut of the electrical supply to the event. Phew.
Thus came an end to a great evening. The Awards ceremony was a grand success in spite of the few hitches when the K-Section guys had a White Water Party backstage led by Sun Farmer Dash and Kukurmar Mallik. Some B-Section guys and Girls were also involved in a water-pouch throwing war which messed up the Kodak theatre. We also faced heavy criticism for forgetting to invite the people of Chem Branch. We actually forgot that they exist!