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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 !

HI Peeps!

We are back after our hibernation! First of all wishing all the CVRians a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! And like all people we too would be making a few ‘New Year Resolution’ now… (Well it’s another story that if we are going to keep them or not!).Ok now going along with the resolutions…2010_new_year_resolutions_funny

    • CVRCE Diary has become more popular than any of us had ever expected. Shamelessly quoting from dearest Spidey we would like to state that ‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility’! Yeah. Apart from our regular jibes we would periodically include more serious topics and topics with more depth. (Whatever that means).
    • More care will be taken while shooting out personal attacks. The theme of the blog will be toned down a bit. Dont blame us. Blame the sissies whose ‘sentiments’ got ‘hurt’ due to the due to the ‘Blunt Humor’…
    • The blog will undergo complete new redesign as soon as our in-house geek is done with his exams.
    • A new la MTV isthyle ‘Tickr’ will be added to the blog. (Hmm…Anyone noticed that all the Tickr is showing nowadays is an ‘apology statement’ forced by the Ministry of Broadcast. Hope we don't meet the same fate!)
    • We are invading your cell phones! Yes, we will be registering ourselves on SMS GupShup as soon as we can lay our hands on a fake SIM!
    • We will open our accounts in Facebook and Twitter too! *Evil Laugh*.(Anyone who know how top create a FB app please help us out.)
    • Video blogging will be started around the time of the college annual function. All we need now is a nice camcorder and a couple of knabris who have the balls to blurt out their real identities on the cam!
    • We will hire More Khabris, More Guptchars, More Hungama! In other words …We’ll be BIGGER, BADDER and BETTER this year!

And all the best to the unlucky ones whose exams aren’t over yet! And all the best for the guys and girls mugging up Barrons’ for TCS. The rest,do mail us your inputs.Adios for now!